Tobacco Trailer Blues
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Phillip Thomas Guitar & Vocals
Darryl Russell Guitar & Vocals
Tim Brown Guitar & Vocals
Frank Steed Bass & Vocals
John Thomas Drums & Vocals
Patrick Dowd
Atmosphere & Vocals

Tobacco Trailer Blues was conceived around a bonfire with the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Merle Haggard, George Jones and other great backbone music legends emanating through the night. With no current music able to keep this feeling alive, the band was formed. Music was created to spark emotions and move feet. The bandís music has a unique style with a diverse and limitless range of songwriting ability.

Since the formation of the band, a multitude of finished songs have been written and performed. Performances include a wide variety of shows ranging from outdoor events to nightclubs, including bike rallies and charity events. The band has been genuinely accepted with an ever-growing fan base. Tobacco Trailer Blues is the new sound of the south.

The majority of their songs have a driving beat -- something you'd want to blare in your car to feel like you own the road. Songs you could make love to or get down to at a concert.

" bad ass band..."
Easyrider's Magazine
Frank Steed - Bass & Vocals Tim Brown - Guitar & Vocals Darryl Russel - Guitar & Vocals John Thomas - Drums & Vocals Phillip Thomas - Guitar & Vocals
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