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Known as the "Wild One", Darryl Russell adds a fire, passion, and a heavy dose of insanity to the rock band known as Tobacco Trailer Blues. Darryl takes the lead vocals for many of the bands songs, and writes many of the original songs.

In concert Darryl sings and plays guitar with great excitement and soul. He has been known to give up playing all together and dance around the stage as the music takes him into a place that he only knows. Admiring musical greats as Willie Nelson, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Replacements; Darryl adds his very own unique since of compassion and rhythm.
He scares me. I think he needs some psychiatric help. I thinks that's the reason he writes such good songs.
John Thomas

Darryl sees his experience with Tobacco Trailer Blues as being one, long good time. The band's good attitude and fun loving spirit come out in their "good songs about good time".

After he makes it big with Tobacco Trailer Blues, Darryl has expressed ambitions that he would like to pack up and move to Canada, where he will attempt to seek out and befriend the worlds largest Sasquach.

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Darryl live at Hurley's Darryl live at the White Trash LuauTTB Live at The Cave

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