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As the drummer of Tobacco Trailer Blues, John provides a strong beat to the band deep and soulful sounds. But John does not shy away from the microphone as many drummers do; his voice can be heard on many of the Tobacco Trailer Blues original hits.

His fellow band members often think of John as having a "don't-give-a-damn" Rock & Roll attitude that can be heard in much of the band's music.

Musical Inspirations
Rolling Stones
Elvis Presley
Jerry Lee Lewis
The Blues Brothers

When the band is not in concert, John takes care of much of the business needs of the band. He also had a large part in launching the band's web site,

John appreciates the closeness that he and his band members share. He is Phillip's younger brother, but he feels that all of the members Tobacco Trailer Blues are his family. John looks forward to a long, prosperous life full of music and friends.

One of John's favorite concert appearences was playing in Americus, GA. Tobacco Trailer Blues opened for Country Music Legend David Allen Coe.

John late for a showJohn at the White Trash Luau

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