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"Little Timmy" Brown

Patrick & Tim
Patrick & Tim

Tim list his favorite Artisit as the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson, The Smashing Pumpkins, & Merle Haggard.

Tim admires Tobacco Trailer Blues for its originality and its music for being "down home and being real to ourselves".

The newest member of the band, Tim has jumped head first into the chaos of Tobacco Trailer Blues.

In concert, Tim takes the center of the stage, connecting the band to the audiance with rhythmic riffs.

Tim & Darryl All of the members of Tobacco Trailer Blues see themselves as belonging to one large family, but several of the members are related. John & Phillip are brothers and Tim and Darryl became brothers-in-law when Tim married Darryl's sister, Melissa.

Melissa and Tim had their first child, Ethan, on January 16th. Best wishes to them both.

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