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Phillip Thomas

"This time, it's all or nothing. You've got to do it all by your damn self. You've gotta push yourself and make goals - 'we will do this, we will do that,'" Phillip Thomas said. "And that's what we're doing. It's taking a lot of time, but we want it for real."

-- Blue & White Online

Phillip takes on the role as the strong, silent leader. While Phillip's demeanor might make him seem to slip quitely in the background, it is soon evident that he lives close to the center of Tobacco Trailer Blues. Phillip's singing voice and a talented guitar add a distinctive sound to Tobacco Trailer Blues.

When asked about his role in Tobacco Trailer Blues, Phillip responds much as a father would talk about his children, "To try and keep Frank sober, John on time and calm, Melissa out of Tim's ass, and Darryl from going over the line."

Phillip at the mic
TTB Live at The CavePhillip's Top 5 
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Merle Haggard
Rolling Stones
Muddy Waters
One of the original members of TTB, Phillip has come a long way with the band and keeps the band going on track. He is always willing to offer his fellow band members a helping hand and words of wisdom.

Phillip chillin' in the band's van

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